SHATBOT Technology is a new financial technology company which registered in London, UK. Under the rapid development of crypto currency and artificial intelligence technology, they are mainly developing AI intelligent robot algorithm in the crypto currency market and hedge funds.


SHATBOT Technology has more than 10 years of experience in intelligent algorithm development. Its founding team members were members of Google’s deep mind team. In October 2018, Mr. Safuan began to develop an intelligent SHATBOT robot, and formally obtained a robot development license from the British government in 2019.

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Recently, SHATBOT has launched a SHATBOT intelligent robot trading platform for its customers. As the first intelligent trading robot that combines deep neural network algorithm DNN with learning Monte Carlo tree algorithm MCTS, the two main “brains” of Shatbot’s neural network are strategy network and value network, which provide a variety of mainstream crypto currency trading strategies including BTC, ETH and so on.


Strategy networks are mainly used to generate currency selection strategies. In the process of crypto currency selection, it gives priority to simulating the direction of mainstream capital flow. That is to say, it will predict the different flows of mainstream funds according to the current status of different trading markets, and select some manipulations that are in line with human thinking and strategy robots, so as to select some currencies with great appreciation probability.


However, the strategic network does not know whether the currencies it chooses are good or bad, so it needs the valuation network to play its role.


The main function of the valuation network is to make a further evaluation of the currencies selected by the strategy network, and then give some suggestions. These suggestions will be passed to the Monte Carlo tree search algorithm, and the most profitable currencies will be selected through repeated calculations.


Mr. Safuan, co-founder of SHATBOT, said: “Our focus is to help traders use the most advanced technology and trading tools to trade on the mainstream crypto currency exchanges around the world. Our research and development of SHATBOT is continuing to upgrade, and more trading strategies will be launched, which will help us better serve our customers and extend our services to multi-asset trading communities around the world.


Mr. Vicuna, Chief Financial Officer of Bitgo, commented: “We welcome the expansion of SHATBOT, and we are pleased to see that they recognize the role of SHATBOT technology in becoming a staunch supporter of the crypto currency sector of the block chain. Further implementation of SHATBOT will provide better connectivity and speed for themselves and customers.”


Mr. Luis, co-founder of Beanstalk Ventures, said that “the combination of SHATBOT platform will put most of the investment clients in a favorable position and enable them to access more new traders. We believe that SHATBOT will integrate perfectly with the existing core competitiveness of the company and bring more truly powerful business capabilities.


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