Strong combination, cryptocurrency hedge fund D-Alpha100 will be online soon!

Discussion on the future of digital currency should be forward-looking.

Investors believe that the development of digital currency futures is conducive to the development of digital currency prices, and futures can avoid risks. Internationally, the development of futures has played an important role in the real industry to avoid the price risk of raw materials and products. Similarly, digital currency holders can also use the reverse operation of futures to avoid the risk of price change. The future price represented by futures is the only choice to control costs and lock in profits. At present, major international commodity exchanges have paid extensive attention to digital currency futures. CME, the largest futures exchange in the United States, took the lead in launching bitcoin futures contracts and ushered in the first delivery day on January 17, 2018. The development of digital currency futures is inevitable 

Combined with previous data, learn more about the future

The global digital currency hedge fund has created an average annual return of 1477.85% in 2017. In 2018, the total value of digital assets of major exchanges in the world reached more than 800 billion US dollars. World Economic Forum forecasts that in 2025, blockchain digital assets will account for 10% of global assets.

With trong combination, open up a new prospect.

Together with the ALPHA quantification team of Wall Street, Singapore DORNE FUND established d-alpha100, the first encryption hedge fund under DORNE FUND.

About Dorn

Dorn fund, located in Singapore, is an International Fund Company. It has years of blockchain research and development experience. Dorn is one of the earliest holders of bitcoin, researching on the market trend of currency market and blockchain have been leading the way.

History of Alpha

Alpha quantification team of d-alpha 100 fund manager has been galloping on Wall Street for many years. It has keen sense of digital sense, strong market judgment and execution.

Alpha quantification team has many years of futures and securities trading experience:

In 2014, under the bull market, its hedge funds achieved a yield of 824%.

In 2015, U.S. stocks plummeted, they successfully beat Dow Jones S & P.

In 2017, the alpha quantitative team began to study a variety of arbitrage rules of digital currency with years of experience in financial market.


Traditional Arbitrage:

1. Cross market arbitrage:

Carry out arbitrage according to the price difference caused by different trading volume of different exchanges.

2. Cross border Arbitrage:

Carry out arbitrage according to the price difference of the same currency between different countries.

3. Triangle Arbitrage:

Carry out arbitrage by using the exchange rate difference of three or more currencies.

Derivative Arbitrage:

Cross period arbitrage, also known as futures arbitrage, carries out portfolio arbitrage according to the price difference between spot and forward contracts, and the price difference between forward and forward contracts.

Through the cooperation with many exchanges around the world and according to the various trading strategies developed by alpha team, based on the traditional arbitrage of digital currency, Singapore DORNE FUND has increased the derivatives arbitrage method that alpha is familiar with, formed the unique trading model in the world, and set up professional network transmission equipment in many countries with super strong algorithm go to achieve the doubling of transaction speed. D-alpha100 has a strong post inferior capital to protect the risk control mechanism of the fund.

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