Jacksonville, FL – With Covid19, people all agree that the world they are living in has changed. The beauty of humanity is that people adapt accordingly. Social distancing has become the new norm. However, they still have to work to provide for their families and themselves.

Covid 19 caused a lot of workers to lose their jobs. Job boards should be getting a lot of traffic. But, how do people adjust for today’s climate?

Say hello to StaffMerge, today’s job board!

StaffMerge is a global job board serving over 30 countries worldwide. The goal of StaffMerge is simple: Connect – Merge – Work.

StaffMerge’s mission is to CONNECT Employers with Job Seekers in an effective and efficient platform, making it easier for both.

Using Resumes, Video Introductions, Video Interviews, and Direct Messages, StaffMerge’s platform goal is to MERGE Employers and Job Seekers.

After Employers and Job Seekers have connected and merged, now it is time to WORK, mutually benefiting both.

“With StaffMerge, people want to make searching for a job easier”, exclaimed Shivani Bajaj, Lead Developer of StaffMerge. “People want to facilitate for the Employer and Job Seeker this experience.”

Some features of StaffMerge are:

– Search for Jobs

– Create Resumes

– Video Introductions to Employers

– Video Interviews

– Direct Messages from Employers

– Automated Interview Alerts

– Notification Alerts

– Apply Directly to Jobs

– Qualified Applicants

– Company Reviews

– and more!

Ced Griffin, President of StaffMerge stated, “StaffMerge will save Employers and Job Seekers time by having a platform to manage connecting, merging, and working. People are looking for massive growth with StaffMerge as people hope to aid people in getting jobs and improving their current one.”

For Job Seekers, StaffMerge is free to download, however, to become a Premium subscriber, there is a $4.99 annual payment, less than 50 cents per month.

Employers get 90 days for FREE! Then they have to decide whether or not to post unlimited jobs annually for $99.99, or up to 120 jobs annually for $59.99.

For more information on StaffMerge, visit https://staffmerge.com/.

Countries StaffMerge Serve: https://StaffMerge.com/Countries

Check out StaffMerge’s quick video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KHU1gBVNNEw

StaffMerge can also be downloaded as an app at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUOBe7ATCW78idaLI6zEfKQ

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