Tel Aviv, IsraelYAFO Agency announced the launch of a new product aimed to provide business promotion services of high quality. YAFO will help DeFi and other projects to solve serious business problems, which in their turn will provide money for all the people of the world.

The basic concept for YAFO AGENCY is to decentralize the whole financial sector with the accompanying purpose to supply money to all people of the Earth. No, you heard right. How can this target be achieved? Complex assistance to business or any project in finding and obtaining financing, clients, partners and integration of the best business model from the experts in this area.

The present day marks the start of a unique project, who can lend a helping hand to business led by the best networker in the Blockchain industry, project promotion specialist, Guy Yanpolskiy, YAFO Business Development Agency.

Project founder Guy Yanpolskiy, shared important extracts from personal considerations , that pushed him to create an innovative project for the high-quality business development:

There was a thought that didn’left me for a long period of time,that very often lots and lots  of the founders of business projects, with all their technical skills, even with the available experience baggage, did not understand  how to convert a project into an naturally efficient business. Moreover, there was a moment when I came to the conclusion that only my own efforts I personally took to the project development, as well as the common community tries, were not enough to achieve specific goals due to certain reasons”...

1. Lack of systematic approach and more in-depth analysis of the nature and the potential of each individual project.

2. Lack of understanding that only significant result and sufficient impact for digital economy development are only possible as a result of strict and consistent team work and effective focus on the sustainable result of each project.

There are only 2 key components, but of what importance, they are very important to develop, scale to future achievement of business goals. How to achieve the results in such case? Of course, to gather a strong team of employees, confident, diverse in different fields, but each should be an expert in his own area ! Such team will be capable to transform absolutŠµly any idea, problem into a serious and successful solution, or an efficient business!     

He also noted: “Besides personal considerations on launching a new product into the market, I was also inspired by the active communications with such personalities as, CTO of Sberbank Group– David Rafalovsky, CTO of Huawei– Jorge Sebastiano, the content-manager of Coindesk –Aaron Stanley,  CEO of  Blockchain Global — Sam Lee. 

And today, thanks to these people either , I have the honor to announce the launch of my unique product, that will change all your views about promoting modern business, YAFO Business Development Agency!”

About YAFO, DeFi’s role in the company.

Yanpolskiy Family Office Business Development Agency (YAFO)- will provide a unique solution for promotion and huge development of business projects. The Company can increase the number of customers, increase the efficiency and improve the profitability of your business several times. Besides YAFO will provide any project with a communications channels package to attract new clients with key business solutions, will help to generate high-quality content and implement complex tasks.

Preference of DeFi functionality usage in YAFO identifies a number of differences from traditional marketing, which distinguishes the company among the competitors:

– Lack of expensive advertising campaigns sharpened for TV and radio broadcasts.

– Absence of hidden work, all processes are transparent and open to the public and therefore the customer will always be able to check the progress of work.

– Absence of baseless advertising of non-existent profits.

-Exclusion of possibility of bribery of rating agencies and external auditors.

DeFi industry had already became one of the most important areas not only for the Ethereum ecosystem but for the whole society. Today, the decentralized finance industry has more than 600 active projects, creating applications and protocols in different directions since 2019, starting from introduction into gaming resources to generation of complex bank credit systems, which cover the overall financial needs anyway, become more accessible to people from all over the world and are able to solve the main security issues of money transactions.

The inflow of new users, the volume of investments, online activity is increasing daily. What only the overwhelming growth of leaders DeFi, like Uniswap, MakerDAO and Curve Finance worth, they concentrate the most costs of the whole market and users first trust them ! In their turn, the decentralized applications ( dApps) amazingly change the world around us. Due to the new generation applications the users are supplied with more functionality and security than ever before.

Have you often wondered who controls your PC software, like Msword? Are you sure, that the software is under your control while you are using it? It is important to understand that the program protocol is in a single computer ssituated in a single ystem and even if you are using an online version, in fact the program is actually run by a central organization, in our case, it is Microsoft, therefore, Microsoft has a complete control over the application and its use.

The system of decentralization excludes this problem by transmitting all the initiatives  in project  and business managing initiatives within the system into the hands of users! It is here that YAFO Agency takes into account the importance of using the capabilities of the modern system to provide integrated business solutions!

With all the advantages described above, YAFO Agency is able to provide complex services, starting from researches and analytics to giving high-quality assistance in projects launches at the markets of other countries. Besides, the company ensures the formation and retention of a strong community, fully capable to manage processes and solve complex tasks, because the functioning of the market is fully dependent on people’s personal contacts and connections. The market is completely built on trust and the project unambiguously  demonstrates the technical side, that takes the company to success!

YAFO Business Development Agency completely dives into your project starting from the very beginning of the work and provides full support to all processes up to the obtaining the final result, Only such support promotes the achievement of the highest goals!

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