New York, NY / SEAPRWire / October 08, 2021 / Robinos, a tokenized predictions platform, has released its new blockchain platform for retail investors, stay-home traders, and sport fans. Robinos predictions platform aims to provide a level playing field for all classes of traders to profit from knowledge and skills built out of their passion for sporting events.

Prediction platforms have become one of the popular projects that has emerged from the developments of the blockchain and smart contract technology. Traditional blockchain-based prediction platforms have failed to gain traction and grow their project due to their implementation of complex smart contracts to facilitate trustless systems. It becomes challenging for users to interact seamlessly with the smart contracts without a simplified user interface, coupled with the vulnerabilities in codes and high profile hacks that hinder user participation and network effect. What’s more, the low conversion rate is exacerbated by unfamiliar prediction environments due to the project’s inability to incorporate human interaction beforehand.

With all this in mind, Robinos is providing suitable solutions to issues regarding familiarity and ease of use. It’s eliminating the complexities of the traditional financial market by leveraging existing DEXs and tokenizing trading options to simplify trading, making it more accessible to potential users. By adopting a more trade-friendly approach, rather than a sportsbook approach, Robinos will enable traders to assess multiple teams across the season effectively to earn profits from their favorite teams. Token trading will be open during the season of sporting events, including e-sports, sport leagues like the Champions League, and many more. Meanwhile, here are the unconventional ways Robinos is making trading easier and enjoyable.


”By providing an avenue for retail traders to trade on events that they’re familiar with, retail traders wouldn’t need to go through the tough learning curves to make profits”

Instead of trading on unfamiliar financial instruments, Robinos will provide sports and entertainment predictions events for all the fans thereby allowing them to trade on performance of their teams.

Tokenized Options

“Every team will be tokenized and the performance of each team will affect the current price of each team across the season.”

At Robinos’, they’re tokenizing the options.  Users can simply exchange tokens representing their preferred player and/or team of choice for rewards. Represented tokens of leading teams will be rewarded at the end of the season.

Wider reward spectrum

“Your favorite teams will be rewarded for strong performance”

Robinos will reward up to 40% of a user’s predictions. This means that teams placed within the winning gap will be eligible for a reward. Well, the price pool will have diverse weightage for each finishing position. This will help participants to choose teams that can perform well in the league, and not simply pick the best team and hope the team wins.

To achieve their goals and also grow their groundbreaking project, the Robinos team is securing strategic partnerships with leading blockchain organizations. The team is pleased to announce their partnership with its first official partner, Lightning Launchpad — the first multi-chain incubator and launchpad, creating a single, safe destination for both presale investors and pre-launch projects. Robinos has recently completed its IDO on Lightning Launchpad, and will continue working with Lightning Launchpad in the foreseeable future.

To ensure its relevance on Polygon, Robinos has formed a working relationship with QuickSwap – the biggest DEX in the Polygon Network. QuickSwap has adopted the limit order capability. This function will enable Robinos represented token traders to gain advantage over others in trading on a DEX. The represented tokens of the predictions events on Polygon will be available for trading on QuickSwap soon. Aside from other operations, $RBN will also be traded on QuickSwap at launch. This alliance will help to provide  services to the Polygon community and also explore the possibility of farming using $RBN LP tokens from QuickSwap in the future. Additionally, the Robinos predictions platform has established partnership with RBX. RBX has recently launched PocketSwap, a multi-chain DEX. The represented tokens of its predictions events will be tradeable on PocketSwap. Thus PocketSwap will be one of Robinos partnered DEX in the trading of represented tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


The tokenization of the predictions platform will benefit the Robinos token holders in governance effort and profit-sharing model. The token will reside in the Polygon network. At launch, Robinos will be an ERC-20 token, however, there will be future upgrades to a more tailored token model. It will serve as a gateway token for future governance models and profit-distribution models.

There will be a total possible supply of 100,000,000$RBN. 55% of the total supply will be allocated to $RBN sale, 30% will be distributed for rewards allocation. 10% will be allocated for liquidity, and 5% will be distributed for teams and partners allocation — minimum 1 year lock period.

Leveraging a scalable base layer, Robinos has developed a product that offers user-friendly interface, GameFi, and security of funds using the Ethereum-based Gnosis Safe — a digital asset manager. The predictions platform will remain trustless, mirroring their decision to utilize the digital asset manager and distribute private keys to different holders to improve security.

About Robinos

Robinos, a tokenized predictions platform, aims to level the playing field for retail investors, stay-home traders, and every sports fan out there. Instead of trading on unknown commodities and stocks, Robinos helps to provide sports and entertainment predictions events for fans to earn money in a simpler way by trading on events on which they already have a distinct knowledge.

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