Fine Art Shippers is pleased to introduce the work of Sophia Chizuco, a very talented Japanese-born multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Fine Art Shippers is pleased to introduce the work of Sophia Chizuco, a very talented multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. Sophia Chizuco is largely known for her amazing abstract paintings, but she also specializes in installation and performance art, creating very interesting artworks in a variety of artistic mediums. We are happy to have met this incredible talent, whose beautiful works deserve greater recognition and attention of the international art community. 

Fine Art Shippers is a NYC-based art logistics company providing a wide range of art handling and art shipping services. We have offices and partners in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, China, Russia, as well as in many US states, which allows us to serve artists, galleries, collectors, dealers, and different institutions on the national and international level. However, what we love the most is working in New York, a large and vibrant art capital of the world. The city is full of gifted artists, and we are very proud to serve and be in contact with many of them. One of the most talented artists we have recently met is Sophia Chizuco. Her vibrant art definitely deserves your attention. 

Sophia Chizuco is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist born in Japan. She holds a BA in Art and Education from Tokyo Gakugei University and also a certificate in painting for her studies at the well-known Art Students League of New York. 

Chizuco is a true master of abstract painting, who uses lines, geometric shapes, and abstract forms to create her beautiful works that have already brought the artist many awards and prizes, including the Director’s Recognition Award from Period Gallery and the grand prize from ArtNetwork.

In addition to abstract painting, Sophia Chizuco builds her career in performance and installation art, mural, and sculpture. It is also important to note that the artist held workshops at “I am an Immigrant” event, Museum of Jewish Heritage, National Yiddish Theatre, and Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Besides, she was a mentor in the Immigrant Artists Program at the New York Foundation for the Arts in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018. 

Today, Sophia Chizuco is exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her works have been shown at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Japan, the Staten Island Museum in New York, New York Hall of Science, the Chelsea Museum in New York, and many other venues. They are also in a whole range of public and private collections worldwide. 

If you love abstract art and beautiful contemporary installations, we highly recommend that you pay your attention to the work of Sophia Chizuco. This amazing artist will leave you wanting more!

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