On June 3rd CURE Pharmaceutical (OTC:CURR), an innovative medication development and enhancement company, announced a collaboration with PMI, a subsidiary of Factoria Bogar in Guadalajara, Mexico. PMI will have access to the CURR bio-product platform, CUREform™ for its medication formulation, and become its distribution partner in Mexico for CURR wellness products, such as its vitamin D supplement, sleep and specialized botanical extract products.

The CURR weekly vitamin D supplements provide 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 to reduce the risk of infections. CURR sleep strips contain a soothing blend of melatonin, naturally occurring amino acids and beneficial vitamins that promote fast-acting, balanced sleep patterns for a deep, restful slumber and a rejuvenated awakening. 

The PMI collaboration will include several development initiatives with its proprietary prebiotic product from Agave in combination with special botanical extracts that leverage the CURR CUREform™ novel delivery platform for treatment of multiple GI indications. There are patient studies planned for Mexico to improve medication efficacy with CURR extracts and prebiotics.

On April 21stCURR announced the issuance of two U.S. Patents: No. 10,639,339 and 10,624,940. The patents represent an expansion of the existing CURR “product by process” patents for obtaining multiple unique concentrates using super critical fluid extraction (SCFE). These include concentrates which have shown promising therapeutic activity in animal studies in areas such as inflammatory bowel disease, cancer and infectious diseases.

Additionally, CURR is granting equipment manufacturers, processing companies and drug developers licenses to its portfolio of issued and pending process and composition patents for isolating specific botanical compounds using an advanced SCFE technology utilizing carbon dioxide as the solvent. While the patents cover the incorporation of extracts into multiple dosage forms, CURR has retained all rights to applying these methods in oral thin films. 

The two new CURR patents cover the extraction and purification of specialized plant material, as well as subsequent processing of extracts for medication formulations. This extraction and fractioning of bioactive molecules allows for the integration of molecules into dosage forms.

This news follows up on a CURR announcement of March 17th which detailed the allowance of Chinese Patent No. ZL201480039313.6 regarding the loading of high amounts of active drug on an oral thin film using its proprietary drug delivery systems. This new patent includes the company’s lead product, CUREfilm Blue™, a soluble thin film for oral administration of sildenafil citrate to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in China.

The ED drug market is expected to reach USD $6.5 billion at a 6% compound annual growth rate by 2025, according to QYResearch. The report points out that the Asia Pacific market will be one of the fastest growing markets for ED medicine. Sildenafil is leading the ED drug market worldwide with more than half of all global sales.

The CURR ED patent covers methods of preparing edible thin films that can deliver high doses of active ingredients that are encapsulated using lipids to form micelles or liposomes. This enables CURR to differentiate its oral thin film product from sildenafil oral soluble films.

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