Suncheon-si, Korea – Baekkun Dredging is a dredging company specialized in dredging equipment manufacturing and dredging construction.

Founded in 2009, it swept the domestic dredging market, and led the dredging industry not only with products such as amphibious dredgers, spud systems, and hydraulic cutter pumps and hydraulic cutters, but also with eco-friendly dredging methods. It has ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO3834, and is in collaboration with government agencies, public institutions and private companies.

A few years ago, it developed a new type of water-and-land amphibious dredgers that 1) can have a variety of attachments attached 2) is self-propelled water-and-land amphibious type, 3) can self-load/unload on the trailer and can work much more stably thanks to spud.

Of course, it is possible to dredge deeper and dredge much larger quantities through cutter suction dredger or trailing suction hopper barge, but it used to be not possible to use them in narrow waterways or soft ground, as even the pre-built amphibious dredger could not access.

To address these problem, it developed a new model, City Canal Dredger. Like the other amphibious dredgers we have built, it has been certified by KR, an IACS member.

Moreover, despite having all the capabilities of the existing amphibious dredger, it is smaller and lighter while its dredging depth can be up to 6m.

(City Canal Dredger: total weight: 25 tons, about 11M (transport length) x 2.6m (transport width))

Especially, it is different from the existing amphibious dredger in that you can manipulate both dredger and excavator in one operation cabin, and through this, the dredger can be operated with a minimum of two workers. In addition, in the case of the existing amphibious dredger, the track exists below the main ship, so there used to be a limitation in natural maneuvering on soft ground.

However, in the case of City Canal Dredger, the track covers both sides of the main ship, and the track is in contact with more of the soft ground, enabling efficient maneuvering and dredging work on the soft ground. Visit our website at and check out the City Canal Dredger and more.

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