Wuhan, China – Recently, Aipak Pharma, a global pharmaceutical, food packing and cosmetic equipment supplier, has published a Complete Buying Guide on Capsule Filling Machine. This guide covers an in-depth analysis of both the capsule filling working process and machines.

NJP-2500 Autoamtic Capsule Filling Machine

It is an all-in-one capsule filling machine guide with vital information that will help manufacturers and technicians optimize operations in the industry. The guide was authored by Aipak technicians and engineers, headed by Mr. Andrew Yang, Aipak Pharma general manager.

“From 2012, Aipak Pharma has committed to the development and research of pharmaceutical machines on icapsulepack.com, to guarantee all machineries have high productivity and efficiency” said Mr. Andrew Yang. “This is part of the company’s effort to provide in-depth knowledge and information on every pharmaceutical machine and we are glad to share a new guide on capsule filling machine.”

Aipak’s complete guide on capsule filling machine is a 10k-plus word guide, divided into four distinct sections:

Section 1: Capsule Filling Machines

This section dwells on the capsule filling machines. Again, it is further divided into eight sections that explore every aspect of capsule filling machines.

The section covers definition, types/classifications, technical specifications, quality compliance/validation, parts/components, buying tips,how to install the capsule filling machine .

Section 2: Capsule Filling Process

It covers eight critical aspects of the capsule filling process. They mainly include definition, types/techniques, advantages, disadvantages, applications, working principle ,factors affecting the capsule filling process.

The section explores all these fundamental issues about the capsule filling process.

Section 3: Capsule Filling Maintenance

This section mainly introduces the common problem one may occur and how to solve them, and how to maintain the capsule filling machine and what will be the future for new technologies for this industry in the future.

Section 4: Capsule Filling Further Information

This part Aipak Pharma has added some additional information one must know before purchasing the most suitable machine, that including the 6 most important applications,15 most critical parts you must know, what benefits you will get from the Aipak Capsule filling machine.

Each section has relevant images, videos and graphics, giving more information on the automatic capsule filling process or machine. There is also a reference section at the end of the capsule filling guide. This complete guide on capsule filling machines is tailored for both newbies and professionals in the capsule filling industry – be it the machine manufacturers or end users. The guide is available on Aipak’s website for free.

About Aipak Pharma

Aipak Pharma Is a global supplier of pharmaceutical, food packing and cosmetic equipment. With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, Aipak is always working on improving industry standards by importing advanced technologies that meet with cGMP and CE requirements.

Nowadays, Aipak has over 15 subsidiary factories. All Aipak’s aim is to increase competitiveness and productivity in the global market. With imported advanced technology and a skilled R & D team in China, Aipak supplies the most cost competitive and guaranteed machineries with high productivity and efficiency. Aipak has 24/7 customer service and commitment, technical video guidance, quick troubleshooting process, comprehensive maintenance instruction, reduces possible downtime and loss.

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Company Name: Aipak Pharma
Contact Person: Andrew Yang (General Manager)
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Phone No: +86-27-8669 8193
Country: China
Website Url: https://www.icapsulepack.com/

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