Women’s participation in the workforce is instrumental to the health of any thriving economy, and the number of nations with increasing professional contributions by women in their respective societies are likewise increasing, along with the growth of their economies. However, women are still limited to specific roles and professions, especially in the field of aviation—but that never deterred Ashely King from working very hard to accomplish her desired goals.

Ashley is a wife and mother, but also a successful businesswoman, the founder of ADAX Aviation. Coming from a family with generations of female aviators, her early love of flying, her knowledge of private aircraft, and her passion for providing the wings that help other people take to the skies, Ashley was born to create ADAX Aviation, a female-owned and operated business.

ADAX Aviation is a company that delivers the aircraft you are looking for at a competitive price. Our inventory of quality aircraft, spec expertise, and detail-oriented customer service will ensure that the entire aircraft buying process is enjoyable and hassle-free. The company deals exclusively in aircraft sales, acquisitions, and aviation consulting in the private aircraft market, uniting buyers and sellers of premium aircraft in the Washington DC area.

When National Courts Monitor Publisher Sara Corcoran asked the company proprietor Ashley King to share her views about the motivation behind the ADAX venture and the business, she said: “I belong to a family of working women and have deep respect for every woman out there breaking the norms and making their own space in the world. The inspirational figure for me from the aviation industry is my mother-in-law, who was a seasoned pilot and served as captain on the 737 & A320.  From first-hand knowledge of this industry through her, I recognized the opportunity for growth, especially for women in this unexplored world, which motivated me to start ADAX and develop a functional strategy for this venture. At ADAX, we believe in leveraging our extensive knowledge of the trade to work for the customers’ best interest and ensure that our services exceed the client’s expectations. ADAX is not an average brokerage agency, and our signature White Glove Service is the evidence. We always go the extra mile—literally and figuratively—to evaluate the aircraft suitability for every client. Our determination to deliver the highest quality customer services along with aviation services is what makes us the most dependable in the region. ”

As an advocate of female empowerment, Ashley is committed to mentoring women for leadership roles in her workforce. She believes that women and their collective achievements should be celebrated every day, since they make history every day. The aviation company has recently appointed a new Head of Customer Relations, Morgan Mosses Allen, a seasoned marketing expert in the Défense industry. “In a marketplace that is projected to experience double digit growth, I am honoured to be a part of a company that has the supply to meet increasing demand”.

Morgan also recognizes the complexities of this exciting industry, and how financially challenging it is to access it—an obstacle that impedes many women from realizing their flight potential. As an entrepreneur, Ashley also strives to remove barriers to entry for students who share her passion. She believes in acting in practical steps; therefore, ADAX is a supporting member of Aviator Mentor, another woman-owned small business that provides mentoring for ambitious pilots. Ashley also supports scholarship programs in the Greater Washington, DC area, where the company offers free flights for those in need of medical care, assists children in obtaining SIM time, and provides ground school support. As a true icon in aviation, Ashley King is a living testament to the belief that you can have it all— as long as you are committed to the mission, despite the inevitable obstacles to its accomplishment that appear along the way. With the life experiences of the pioneering women of ADAX, it can be concluded that if one has faith and passion, it’s always possible to overcome any challenges. A link to the full interview can be found at link below:


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