The current Pandemic COVID-19 is disturbing all professions and fields of life. A common man’s life and a celebrity’s life are both socially influenced. People use events and social media to reach out to specific audiences. Singers, athletes, journalists, actors, and even ordinary people use these gatherings and social media to gain access to the world of celebrity.

According to research, in March, Facebook saw a 70% increase in overall app usage. While spending more time at home, people are turning to these apps to keep them entertained, connected, and informed.

Many marketers are cutting back on all areas of spending, including social media, but are increasing their use of email and social media to build brands and engage customers.

For various types of content, people are turning to various channels. TikTok and Snapchat, for example, have provided a fun and entertaining distraction during this time. During the peak of the outbreak in March, Snapchat usage on Android phones increased by 47% in South Korea.

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