In the last 2 years, in Vietnam, there is a brand that is growing strongly in the Online Marketing market. It is Xuyen Viet Media company founded by Mr. Tran Cong Thang (CEO Thang Tran). Xuyen Viet Media has supported building and viral brands for more than 300 businesses in Vietnam and the US.

About Xuyen Viet Media Company

Xuyen Viet Media was created to accompany small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or Start-ups. Those are the companies that are taking the first step into the fierce market. We are a group of young and enthusiastic members with our own passion. That’s where you and us meet!

We provide Content SEO services and packaged Online Marketing services from A-Z. No longer just a pure SEO article writing service! It is a content system to assert brand position and create a true Authority Website.

Xuyen Viet Media is provides the following service:

  • Content SEO Writing

  • Website Management

  • SEO Intent

  • PR Booking in Vietnam

  • Audit SEO for website

  • Buy and sell website in Vietnam

  • Internal training for businesses

About CEO Thang Tran

CEO Thang Tran is the founder of and the director of Xuyen Viet Media. He was originally a geotechnical engineer, but one day he realized the potential of the online market and started learning Online Marketing.

In 2017, he founded the group Viet Bai Xuyen Viet. In 2019, he founded Xuyen Viet Media Company and continuously built a strong service system throughout Vietnam.

CEO Tran Thang added: “The online market in Vietnam has just begun to develop and has a lot of potential. According to a forecast of, in 2022, one third of Vietnam’s population will participate in online shopping. So now is the best time for businesses to start building their online brand.”

Consulting for foreign businesses in Vietnam and Vietnamese businesses in the US

Xuyen Viet Media provides business branding solutions by creating a high quality website. At that website, businesses can display all their products/services to reach customers quickly. Xuyen Viet Media will build hundreds of native Vietnamese articles and comprehensively optimize the content on search engines. This is the cornerstone for hundreds of thousands users to see the company’s brand.

Xuyen Viet Media has been consulting on brand development for more than 300 businesses in Vietnam and the US, Australia and Canada. With the core of SEO to build Authority Website in the business field, your brand will surely win the hearts of many potential customers. Simply because your business has provided users with what they need and satisfy their search needs.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Xuyen Viet Media Ltd
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone No: +84 963 711 297
Address: 523/11/12/12 Le Van Khuong str, Hiep Thanh, District 12, Ho Chi Minh
Country: Vietnam
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