London, UK – ANTUSDT will launch its cryptocurrency exchange in September 2021 and at the same time, ANTC (Coin Shuffle) will be available for full members to subscribe to.


ANTC will be available on at least one major international digital currency exchange in February 2022, which will be a major milestone in the development of the ANTUSDT Group, which has over a thousand major merchant partners and hundreds of thousands of full members worldwide. The ANTC team said that the benefits of issuing the anonymous coin ANTC are: it will further build the ANTUSDT Group’s ecosystem and consolidate the advantages of the platform, and it will take advantage of the rapid development of cryptocurrencies in the next few years to get a market premium to benefit the majority of ANTUSDT full members, forming a win-win mechanism. 2022 ANTUSDT In 2022, ANTUSDT will have a Coin Shuffle platform, a digital currency exchange, and an anonymous coin, ANTC, and the company is also planning to acquire a local UK bank to form a financial closure of the cryptocurrency industry chain.


On 14 April 2021, the cryptocurrency market marked a milestone: Coinbase, known as the “number one digital currency exchange”, was successfully listed on the Nasdaq exchange. The launch of ANTUSDT Group’s digital currency exchange in September was also an important strategic move for the group’s planned listing on NASDAQ.

ANTUSDT digital currency exchange, a subsidiary of ANTUSDT Group, is the world’s first and currently one of the few digital asset platforms licensed by the Canadian government and covered by insurance, providing bulk brokerage services, digital asset custody services, exchange and software-as-a-service (SaaS), exclusively for institutional and professional investors. The company offers over-the-counter trading, intelligent enquiry systems and electronic trading services, providing clients with a highly liquid trading platform and a secure and insured wallet service to ensure the safe storage of digital assets and the timely clearing of transactions.

ANTUSDT’s vision is to lead the development of a regulated and institutionalised digital asset market. Our mission is to provide best-in-class digital asset services that set global standards in innovation, performance, security and compliance. the ANTUSDT platform provides institutional-level financial services directly to professional clients and partners.

ANTUSDT digital currency exchange aims to be a model for the industry. The world’s top traditional banking financial risk control system is introduced into the field of digital asset trading, through the two-factor account verification system, cloud shield detection and warning system, hot and cold wallet separation encryption, dual database cross-validation and other underlying technologies to ensure data security, while establishing an internal risk warning mechanism, the establishment of a risk reserve fund.

The goal of ANTUSDT exchange is to provide a convenient aggregated trading function for its hundreds of thousands of users worldwide and to form a complete ecological loop. Efficient, convenient and anonymous is the main strategy of ANTUSDT exchange to reach a wider audience.

The ANTUSDT digital currency exchange ensures that users can enjoy the world’s top digital currency and asset trading services in a secure environment. ANTUSDT’s fiat currency trading channel has lowered the barrier of access to cryptocurrencies.

The launch of the ANT Privacy Cloud will bring many benefits to ANTUSDT’s distributed database. It gives us better access to users in the Americas and opens up a whole new market. More importantly, opening up ANTC/USDT trading pairs will make ANTC more accessible to developers who are less familiar with the blockchain.

The ANT Privacy Cloud is the top project that has been working on a distributed database that brings the entire ecosystem closer together. Despite all the noise and speculation in the market, the ANTUSDT team has always had a clear goal and path to achieve it. ANTC will be an important part of the ANTUSDT cryptocurrency exchange.

The digital currency that goes live on the ANTUSDT exchange must be recommended by an officially certified fund company and ANTC is proud to be recommended by the ANTUSDT Fund and Foundation.


ANTUSDT exchange has the following features.

1. Support for 200+ cryptocurrency coins

2. The industry’s highest level of world-class matching engine, processing 190,000 transactions per second, with uptime up to 99.9% of extremely fast transactions

3. Order execution speed as low as 10 milliseconds

4. Clearing-level market depth and low transaction costs. Supports top digital assets, Group of Ten (G10) fiat currencies and TRC20/ERC20 tokens, and provides guaranteed prices for the top 10 digital asset portfolios

5Many international banks, hedge funds and other institutions to cooperate

6Provide professional PAMM and MAM accounts to meet the various needs of money managers, providing 24-hour customer service support for security matters, wallet services, accounting, reconciliation and technical compatibility matters

7Virtual Private Server VPS, so that your trading is always online

8Provide a large number of high-quality signal sources to follow the single community

9200,000+ customers, 1000+ institutional customers to choose from

10, Shared order book technology can provide up to $500 million in daily asset liquidity

11. Comprehensive managed services covering up to 70% of operating costs, the industry’s best partner support and intermediary departments



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